The Consultant-Evaluator Service Committee

Type of Committee: Standing

Membership: Current President; one member of the Consultant-Evaluator panel serving renewable three-year term; two members of the Executive Board serving two- or three-year terms; Director and Associate Director of the CE Service (ex officio)

Reports to: Executive Board

Responsibilities: This committee oversees the operations of the CE Service in consultation with the Director and Associate Director. Its routine responsibilities include the following:

  • helps prepare biannual reports to the Executive Board to be delivered at the CCCC and summer conference Board meetings
  • assists in developing the annual CE workshop at CCCC
  • develops criteria for, nominates, and recommends to the Board new consultant/evaluators
  • provides guidance on future directions for the service
  • periodically evaluates the CE's leadership
  • keeps current the status of consultant/evaluators
  • makes recommendations for and helps to implement formative evaluations of services and operations, including evaluations of training and development
  • nominates and makes recommendations for the appointment of a new Associate Director at term end or does so for the position of Director should the Associate Director not be appointed to that position
  • recommends the renewal of Director's or Associate Director's term when applicable
  • makes recommendations for the expansion or improvement of the service
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