WPA Story Posting Documentation

Greetings WPA website users!

I am part of a group of students here at Purdue University working to develop documentation on how to post stories to this website.

My group and I would be greatly appreciative if you would take a few moments to look at our documentation and note your opinions.

You can find the website at: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~atstone/drupalstories/drupalstories.htm

Some questions you might use as guidelines are:

  1. The placement of images can vary in relation to the text depending on the user’s computer system. How do you feel about the image placement you have seen?
  2. Did you find the steps logical and easy to follow?
  3. Were there any unnecessary screenshots or places where screenshots were needed?
  4. Was there any confusion as to which screenshot corresponds to which step.
  5. Did you think there were any unnecessary steps?
  6. Please let us know any additional comments/suggestions.

We would like very much to hear your input, be it criticism or praise. Feel free to post a comment to this post, or you can also email us at aeckstro@purdue.edu.


I found this documentation really useful. Initially, I was a little confused about the "story" concept, but the graphics and explanations in the second step cleared up my confusion right away.

A couple of very minor things in this section:
lick the Preview button and you will be shown a trimmed version of your story, a full version of your story, and a place to make additional revisions.
The trimmed version is what is displayed on the main front page of the WPA site. This is also available to RSS feeds.

*It would be helpful to me to know what an RSS feed is.
*In this bullet point: The full version is viewed once he or she selects the option to view your story in its entirety.
you don't have a subject for the "he or she" (e.g., "the reader").

Otherwise, terrific! Thanks!