seeking ideas for teaching practicum

Hi there-

I am putting together a practicum to train TAs to teach undergraduate writing and I am looking for input as I tailor the curriculum to the particular needs of my school and students. Our campus is devoted to interdisciplinary approaches to environmental/sustainability studies. The students in the practicum will be MFA students in a Writing and Literature program. I expect to offer the practicum in the spring and to devote to first ¼ of the semester to writing center studies, so the graduate students would work in the writing center while taking the practicum and preparing to teach their own classes the following fall. This would help me get a writing center started here (this is the first semester that our campus has enrolled full-time students!) and would, I hope, give the graduate students a sense of the undergraduates, their concerns as writers, and the types of assignments they encounter. But I imagine there are drawbacks to this model…

Some texts I expect to use are The Practical Tutor, Composition and Sustainability, and Teaching Multiwriting.

I would very much welcome your feedback, syllabi, ideas, suggested readings… about:
1. training creative writing graduate students to teach undergraduate composition classes,
2. incorporating writing center pedagogy into a TA practicum, &
3. interdisciplinary approached to sustainability and college writing.