Wikis and Composition Studies


I'm a graduate student interested in researching the role of wikis in composition/writing studies. However, I'm having difficulty locating substantial scholarship focusing on this issue, so I've decided to reach out to the professionals. Is anyone aware of or familiar with scholars or scholarship focusing on this topic?

In advance, I appreciate any advice or suggestions that will help further my research.


Justin Jory


Justin, A few colleagues and I are doing a small research project on teaching with wikis. We are using a wiki to collaborate and have started to develop an annotated bibliography (we are each supposed to report on two sources a month). On the whole, we've also have been disappointed with what we have found. I'm happy to add you to are wiki if you would like. Just send me your e-mail address. -- Michelle (

Michelle Navarre Cleary
Asst. Prof. & Writing Coordinator
The School for New Learning
De Paul University

Justin I was collaborating with some faculty from Ed. on thinking about pedagogical uses of wikis. As you can see there is some, but not a lot of scholarship about wikis in R/C. Education has a little bit more, but most of it is fairly arhetorical.