Ending the Use of "Sloppy Copy"


I have long respected what K-12 teachers do. If anything, I meant to convey some of this respect in my recent post “The Blame Game.”

So I hope it is clear that have no desire to criticize elementary school teachers. But because my First Year students sometimes express reductive ideas about how writing should be done, I am concerned with how writing tasks are being represented at all levels of education. And there is one all-too-common way that writing is represented in the lower grades that is catchy and, well, cute. It is also misleading.

Wikis and Composition Studies


I'm a graduate student interested in researching the role of wikis in composition/writing studies. However, I'm having difficulty locating substantial scholarship focusing on this issue, so I've decided to reach out to the professionals. Is anyone aware of or familiar with scholars or scholarship focusing on this topic?

In advance, I appreciate any advice or suggestions that will help further my research.


Justin Jory