Basic Writing

Assistant Professor of Writing Studies at Western Washington University Fall 2016

The English Department at Western Washington University invites applications for an Assistant Professor of Writing Studies beginning in the fall of 2016.

National Basic Writing Survey

Dear Colleagues, 

We realize that the fall term is quickly coming to an end, but we hope that you will take a few minutes to fill out a short questionnaire about basic writing at your institution. The current survey is a streamlined version of an earlier one on CompPile. The new survey is available on Survey Monkey and contains only 10 questions. You can access the survey at


'I hate writing' - different takes on who likes what when it comes to writing

If you are interested in different approaches toward writing issues and want to see our Writing with New Media final project, you should watch 'I hate writing' video on Understanding I-HATE-WRITES can help with your every day writing isses that you may encounter. Feel free to use it in your classroom!

National Basic Writing Survey

Please take a look at the CBW National Survey of Basic Writing Programs, now available at The survey, sponsored by the Conference on Basic Writing and put into web-based format by Glenn Blalock, is intended to gather information nationwide about Basic Writing programs, policies, teaching practices, demographics, and the effects of state and local legislation on them. The initial survey results will be presented at the CBW workshop at CCCC in San Francisco in March 2009.