WPA Directions

Sharing Ideas, Listening to Others: CWPA On the Road, 2009-2010!

One of the initiatives that came out of this summer’s WPA Directions work has to do with engaging in systematic dialogue with other teachers and administrators about our common interests and shared work. To that end, CWPA members are going on the road!

Conference Kickoff

As I write this in my office in Michigan, some numbers I think about:

  • The WPA workshop is about to kick off its first full day in Minneapolis, where Chris Anson and Carol Rutz will work with 30 incredibly lively, smart, interested participants

  • About 260 people are preparing to arrive for the WPA conference, which begins on Thursday, where they’ll talk with incredibly smart, interested, engaged, colleagues

  • About 1500 – maybe more! – people are reading through WPA listserv posts as they settle into their days