WPA Members

WPA Works on Writing Assessment Practices

WPA Works on Writing Assessment Practices and Higher Education Accreditation: this project includes developing a position statement on sound writing assessment practices (http://wpacouncil.org/node/884), identifying and evaluating resources for assessment design and implementation, and providing a WPA perspective on current changes in higher education accreditation policies and practices

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WPA Works

WPA Works pages are online spaces for WPA members to work on developing and reviewing organizational initiatives such as position statements, guidelines, or other special projects.

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NCoW Interview Questions

To ensure consistency among all NCoW interviewers, please use the questions below. All interviews should include (and perhaps begin with) question one, "Are you a writer?" Following that question, please choose 3-4 questions. The goal here is to gather a wide range of responses to these questions. Of course, follow up on responses that are particularly compelling, lively, and/or intriguing - use your instincts!

Before interviewing, be sure to read the NCoW technical specs, which include instructions for both conducting and filming interviews.

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Voting tokens for WPA elections were mailed February 12

Dear Members of the Council of Writing Program Administrators:

Yesterday, February 12, WPA Secretary Linda Bergmann emailed tokens for participating in our online voting for the 2007 WPA election of Executive board members and Vice-President.

If you did not receive an email with a voting token, check your spam filter. The email will be from "Linda.Bergmann@joe.sla.purdue.edu" and the subject line will read "Invitation to participate in 2007 CWPA Executive Board Election."

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Resources for Prospective Editors of WPA Journal

The 2006 Search Committee for the Editor/Editorial Team for WPA: Writing Program Administration, the Council of Writing Program Administrators' official journal, has prepared some resources to assist prospective editors in preparing their proposals. The following documents are available as attachments (see below): --a copy of the 2006 Call for Proposals --a timetable for preparation of journal issues --a copy of the current journal editors' March 2006 Report to the CWPA Executive Bard

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