Please take a moment to take a survey on social media

Hi all,

If you teach or have taught writing, rhetoric, and/or composition classes at the college level in the past two years, would you please take my survey about social media at and pass it on to your departmental colleagues, listservs, and so on? I'd love to get broad exposure for this and lots of responses!

Survey of Graduate Students & WPA Work

We are conducting a survey of the WPA work that graduate students do and of the preparation that graduate students receive for WPA work. We are interested in the perspectives of all members of the Rhetoric & Composition community regardless of whether they have engaged in WPA work--tenured, untenured, and non-tenure-track faculty; graduate students; and administrators. We appreciate your response and you are welcome to forward this link on to others.

National Basic Writing Survey

Dear Colleagues, 

We realize that the fall term is quickly coming to an end, but we hope that you will take a few minutes to fill out a short questionnaire about basic writing at your institution. The current survey is a streamlined version of an earlier one on CompPile. The new survey is available on Survey Monkey and contains only 10 questions. You can access the survey at