National Survey of Student Engagement

NSSE and WPA -- Invitation to Colleges and Universities to Participate in the Consortium for the Study of Writing in College

We invite you to participate in an unprecedented opportunity to learn about writing and the teaching of writing at your school.

The Council of Writing Program Administrators and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) have partnered to develop a set of 27 questions about writing and its teaching across the curriculum. In spring 2008, we administered these questions to 82 US colleges by adding them to the regular NSSE questions. The responses of 23,000 students provide the broadest snapshot so far of the writing that US undergraduates do.

Writing items on NSSE -- preparing for meeting at WPA conference to collaborate with NSSE to enhance its coverage of writing

This post has a two parts: "Background and problem/opportunity" and "Please reply to this question...."