freshman composition

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, Niagara University

Niagara University, a private, predominately undergraduate institution sponsored by the
Vincentian community, seeks a full-time Assistant Professor in English (with a
specialization in Rhetoric and Composition) for a tenure-track appointment in the English
Department starting in Fall 2008. Please visit to learn
more about our department.

Minimum qualifications: Ph.D. by August 2008 with specialization in Rhetoric and
Composition. Experience and interest in one or more of the following: writing program

ISU's Eng. 101 Grading Standards (shared by request)

Attached please find a copy of grading standards for single units in "Composition as Critical Inquiry" (Eng. 101), the introductory composition course in Illinois State University's Writing Program.

Several participants in today's (Fri. 7/13) WPA 2007 conference session C.4 ("Readiness...") requested that I share these. I hope you find them helpful.

Thanks to Marvin Diogenes for his presentation, and thanks to all those who attended our session.

--Bob Broad

Statistical, Empirical Data to Support Smaller Writing Class Sizes and Retention

I'm serving on a summer committee which has been tasked to research if and how smaller freshmen writing class sizes serve to incease retention within both the freshman writing course(s) and later composition courses. The report that we'll be presenting in September is directed at the college deans and provosts, so we need to uncover data that supports what most writing teachers know--smaller classes equals a better chance at student success, and we need to consider the issue from an institutional / financial as well as classroom/pedagogical perspective.