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What does “success” mean for a writing program? An individual instructor? Students in our courses?

These are questions that many WPAs and writing instructors have long considered as we’ve engaged in teacher-research, classroom research, or programmatic assessments. But as the landscape of postsecondary education continues to shift, there are also questions being asked, with increasing urgency, by individuals beyond our classrooms and programs, and even outside of the academy.

WPA 2011 will bring together participants for lively, invigorating, and supportive sessions and activities where we can talk together about frameworks for success in a wide range of contexts and institutions. What has been successful (and not) for some of us, can help us all think about developing our own frameworks for success.

WPA 2011 begins with pre-conference activities from Sunday, July 10 to Thursday, July 14; the conference opens Thursday evening, July 14. Join us for some or all of the activities in an exciting week!

The WPA conference (Thursday, July 14 through Sunday, July 17) will continue to feature a variety of interactive formats intended to facilitate conversation and collaborative thinking.

Featured keynote speakers will raise and help us think through issues at the core of our work as teachers and program directors:

  • Chuck Bazerman, University of California, Santa Barbara (and former CCCC Chair)
  • Carolyn Calhoon-Dillahunt, Yakima Valley Community College, Washington (and TYCA Chair)
  • Barbara Cambridge, National Council of Teachers of English (and former WPA President)

As always, registration costs include most meals and an outing to Boutin's Restaurant, which features Cajun music and dancing—instructions in the Cajun two-step provided.

The WPA workshop (Sunday, July 10 through Wednesday, July 13) is an intensive, hands-on experience called “transformative” by participants. This year’s workshop is facilitated by Irwin Weiser (Purdue University) and Shirley Rose (Arizona State University).

Two WPA 2011 institutes (Thursday, July 14, 9am-4pm) address critical aspects of developing frameworks for success:

  • Promoting Success in Basic Writing, facilitated by Peter Dow Adams (Community College of Baltimore) and Kelly Ritter (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)
  • Best Practices in Writing Program Assessment, facilitated by Bob Broad (Illinois State University), Michele Eodice (Oklahoma State University), and Diane Kelly-Riley (Washington State University)

Baton Rouge BridgeWPA 2011 will be co-hosted by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Louisiana State University and supported by surrounding universities and colleges. It will be held at the beautiful Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol conference center, located in downtown Baton Rouge on the banks of the Mississippi. You’ll have evening walks, historic sites, and ripping Southern Blues.

Please join us for an exciting week in Baton Rouge.


Bridge Image by Sewtex (Own work) under a Creative Commons or GFDL license, via Wikimedia Commons. Used by Permission. Text added by Keith Dorwick.