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Consultant-Evaluator Service

Co-chairs: Shirley Rose, Arizona State University ( and Michael Pemberton, Georgia Southern University (

Committee: The C-E Service

Actions: Evaluate effectiveness of section on Diversity and Inclusion added to Self-Study Guidelines in 2016; encourage nominations of BIPOC for openings on the C-E panel of consultants; develop a workshop for C-Es focused on recognizing racism/sexism/bias in programmatic structures and practices and effective ways of addressing these in program evaluations and consultations; engage C-E panel members in a discussion of pros and cons of developing our own anti-racism statement in relation to program visits and reviews, vs. simply stating adherence to CWPA’s statement.

Timeline: The first initiatives will occur during 2021-22 AY, which will allow the team to review 5 years of responses to self-study prompts re: diversity and inclusion. Training workshop will occur in 2021. Other efforts will be ongoing.

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