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Antiracist Reading List

Co-chairs: Annie Del Principe, Kingsborough Community College (, Maggie Fernandes, Virginia Tech, and Derek Mueller, Virginia Tech (

As members of the CWPA Executive Board, we’ve compiled this curated list of scholarly resources focused on creating more equitable, antiracist writing courses and programs. This list is simply a start and is not intended to be exhaustive. We welcome suggestions for other resources to include in future iterations, and we commit to updating this list annually to include new scholarship and fresh voices and perspectives. We imagine writing teachers and WPAs might use this list in various ways. Perhaps this list might be a place for a department or college-wide reading group to start. Perhaps it might be a place for individual scholars currently unfamiliar with antiracist writing studies scholarship to start their own studies. In order to help users find resources that are relevant to their needs and interests, we’ve categorized the resources list using the hashtags #pedagogy, #administration, and #assessment. 


“This Ain’t Another Statement! This is a DEMAND for Black Linguistic Justice!” NCTE. July 2020. [#pedagogy]

Symposium: Challenging Whiteness And/in Writing Program Administration and Writing Programs.WPA: Writing Program Administration, vol. 39, no. 2, Spring 2016. [#administration]

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Inoue, Asao. “How Do You Do Labor-Based Grading In Pre-Existing Curricula?” Asao B. Inoue’s Infrequent Words. 11 Apr 2020. [#assessment]

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Syverson, Peg. The Learning Record. [#assessment]

Young, Vershawn Ashanti. "Should Writers Use They Own English?." Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies 12.1 (2010): 110-117. [#pedagogy]

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