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Results of CWPA Executive Board Election

Dear CWPA members:
We are thrilled to announce the results of this year's election.
Lilian Mina has won the Vice President's position, becoming the first immigrant, multilingual, BIPOC VP/President-Elect in CWPA history. We also congratulate Melvin Beavers, Al Harahap, and Erin Lehman, who have won seats on the Executive Board. We are grateful for their willingness to lend their skills to CWPA's leadership team and help chart a new course for the organization. Their experience and expertise will be invaluable.
Sincere thanks to everyone who voted in the election, our stellar Nominating Committee who assembled the slate of distinguished candidates, and our indefatigable Secretary, Kelly Blewett, who diligently updated the membership database and prepared the ballot, troubleshooting the inevitable hiccups along the way with grace and aplomb. As a volunteer organization, CWPA could not function without the labor and goodwill of so many dedicated people, and we are grateful for each one. (And that includes you--thank you for being a part of the organization, and please do let us know if you would like to serve on a committee or otherwise become involved.)
Stay tuned for further updates as our new VP and board members take their seats on July 1 and we get busy on next steps.
All the best,


Mark Blaauw-Hara, CWPA President

Susan Thomas, CWPA Vice President

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