Open Words: Access and English Studies

Open Words: Access and English Studies is a journal dedicated to publishing articles focusing on political, professional, and pedagogical issues related to teaching composition, reading, ESL, creative writing, and literature to open admissions, at-risk, and non-mainstream student populations. We seek critical work in areas such as instructional strategies, cultural studies, critical theory, classroom materials, technological innovation, institutional critique, student services, program development, etc., that assist educators, administrators, and student support personnel who work with students in pedagogically difficult settings. Articles should consider the particularities of these settings—issues, for example, surrounding the identifier of “open access,” intersections of race, class, gender, disability, and sexuality, regional and cultural differences, and the range of competencies students bring with them to classrooms—in light of the aims of English studies to empower students’ critical and creative endeavors. We value works pertinent to specialists yet accessible to non-specialists, and we encourage submissions that take into account what interactions with students teach us about the broader, democratic goals of open access educations and English studies. We accept submissions year round. Send 15- to 30-page manuscripts to the Editors:

John Paul Tassoni (Miami University Middletown) at
William H. Thelin (University of Akron) at

Go to to see the most recent issue of Open Words or contact your Prentice Hall representative to receive a print copy. Open Words is a refereed journal, published twice yearly.