Call for New CWPA Institutional Home

Call for Proposals: CWPA Institutional Home

The Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) invites proposals from colleges and universities wishing to serve as the organization’s institutional home. This is an opportunity for an institution to gain visibility and provide professional development opportunities for faculty and graduate students. While the ideal starting date will be no later than March 2014, CWPA will negotiate the beginning date with the successful institution. The agreement will be through September 2017, with the option of continued renewals with the consent of both parties.


Basic Responsibilities of the CWPA Institutional Home


1. Provide the function of CWPA Secretary, including maintaining current and historical membership records (which include current contact information and membership status), and coordinating and tallying votes of the membership and the Executive Board via the CWPA web site in collaboration with the Digital WPA coordinator. Handle reprint permissions related to CWPA publications and position statements.


2.  Provide the function of CWPA Treasurer, including collecting, depositing, investing, and keeping secure membership dues and other  income; paying bills as authorized by the Officers of WPA; keeping accurate financial records; coordinating the completion of the Form 990 required by the IRS; and providing regular reports to the Executive Board twice yearly. It is desirable for the Treasurer candidate to have experience with Quick Books and experience with  budgeting processes.

Both the secretary and treasurer positions (which can be filled by one or two individuals) serve as ex officio members of the CWPA Executive Board. As members of the Executive Board, the Secretary and Treasurer must attend two meetings of the Board each year. CWPA will provide  (economy class) travel to CCCC and CWPA conferences, one night’s  lodging and two days’ meals at established government per diem rates at CCCC, and all nights’ lodging and registration costs (including conference meals) and non-conference meals at the CWPA annual meeting.  Note: the offices of Secretary/Treasurer may be divided among two individuals.


3.  Provide clerical support for CWPA, for answering e-mail, telephone, or written queries about the organization and for referring  individuals to appropriate contact persons. Support may take the form  of clerical/graduate/student worker assistance; reassigned time; space; compensation; or the like. WPA may be able to cover some costs associated with clerical support  for the organization from institutional staff or undergraduate or  graduate employees. If this is desirable, please specify the range of  duties that will be associated with this request, the approximate number of hours associated with the duties, and an estimate of the budget amount associated with this request.


4. Maintain the circulation of the CWPA Journal (WPA: Writing Program Administration), including maintaining back issue inventory and mailing lists. Ensure that the journal is mailed out to subscribers on a timely basis after publication, and that back issues are mailed out on a timely basis and consistently.


Additionally, the institutional home may host an occasional summer conference, also an opportunity for institutional visibility, program promotion, and professional development. The institutional home may also consider maintaining the archive of CWPA records, including publications, minutes, programs, correspondence, historical accounts, financial histories, and other materials related to the Council of Writing Program Administrators. The archive should be organized and secure, yet accessible to scholars and CWPA members who articulate legitimate needs for access to them.  This also can offer excellent research opportunities for faculty and/or graduate students.


To Apply: Send (1) a detailed proposal that articulates the institution’s  ability to perform the responsibilities as described above (and any optional roles the institution may wish to address); (2) the CV(s) of  the person(s) to be designated as Secretary/Treasurer, along with the CVs of any other professionals who may contribute to the effort; (3) if desired, a request for funds to support clerical support including  a description of the duties to be performed and an estimate of the  number of hours associated with those duties and an estimated budget;  and (4) a letter of endorsement from the administrator(s) (chair, dean, vice-president) with the authority to describe and confirm institutional support.


We welcome inquiries about this CFP or any aspect of serving as the CWPA institutional home. Please send inquiries to Duane Roen at

Proposals should be sent by December 1, 2013 to Duane Roen, Chair, Search Committee for CWPA Institutional Home, at the above email address.